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Concrete Leveling

At M & D Specialty Coatings, you can rely on our knowledge and experience to provide you with concrete solutions that are best suited to your circumstance, and that will yield the best results.

We strive to offer clean, reliable, and cost-effective concrete leveling services to our valued clients.

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Expert Residential Concrete Lifting with M & D Specialty Coatings

The sinking and un-leveling of concrete slabs are common on all properties. Several factors contribute to sunken concrete, including:

  • Age
  • Shifting soil base
  • Erosion
  • Poor installation or building techniques

We use fast and efficient methods to raise and lift your concrete. Get back to enjoying your driveway, patio, or sidewalk without worry or safety hazards.

Concrete Raising

Quickly Stabilize Your Concrete

Knowing what caused the damage to your concrete is the first step in assessing which product or method should be used to correct the sinking or settling of your concrete. The two most common applications we use are mud jacking and foam jacking.

Mud jacking requires pumping a mortar-based mix under the settling slab. Foam jacking involves patching up small holes to be almost invisible to the eye. The latter technique can be useful for colored concrete that you do not wish to resurface.

Concrete Repair for Commercial Properties

We are always looking for ways to improve our methods by staying up to date with the most recent technologies. Overall, concrete lifting is an excellent alternative to replacing your existing concrete surfaces without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the added benefits:

  • Cost-effective option to repair sunken concrete
  • Clean and quick to complete
  • Controlled lifting
  • Non-destructive as your landscape will not be affected
  • Equipment is non-intrusive to your property

Common Areas for Concrete Foundation Repairs

Basement and Garages

The concrete flooring in your basement or garage is typically made up of one solid slab. By leveling the entire floor to create a smooth surface, you eliminate the risk of potential leaks from cracks. In the case of a floor that already has cracks, we will assess each area until it is completely even.

Patios and Outdoor Pool Areas

Any variation of outdoor concrete slabs can be leveled out to their original state. If your patio is made up of tiled concrete, this will require a more in-depth assessment to ensure each area is leveled and even. Aligning each spot is crucial, and requires unique skills and experience to be executed properly.


Unlike most cement surfaces, driveways are a bit different in that they follow a particular shape and path. When providing this service, we make sure that all areas of your driveway are leveled in connection with the entrance.

The Best Concrete Leveling Services

Our skilled contractors are available to walk you through the process every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied with the results of your newly leveled concrete surface. Leveling cement is not an easy task, but we are confident that our team can handle any job.

Get in touch with us now to begin your concrete foundation repairs.

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