Concrete Foundations in Lakeway

M & D Specialty Coatings is Lakeway’s premier concrete foundation contractor. The excellence of our work and the reliability of our team have made us the area’s top choice for quality contracting. We excel in pouring concrete for projects of all sizes, delivering outstanding results on every job we undertake.

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M & D Specialty Coatings: Your Foundation Specialists

Our concrete foundation specialists take pride in their work. The seamless structure of a poured concrete foundation provides stability and stamina for your home or commercial facility.

We build our foundations with the highest standards in mind.  Patience, passion, and a meticulous eye for detail go into every project, ensuring our clients get the most out of their investment.

The following are some of the key advantages of our new concrete foundations:

  • High-durability design
  • Seamless, even surfacing
  • Moisture, damage, and weather resistance
  • Extended product warranties

Residential Concrete Foundations

Our concrete block foundation installations include everything from the footings, drainage systems, and gravel for beneath the basement flooring. Our craftsmanship and accuracy are all part of the reason you can count on us to deliver a flawless foundation for you to build your dream home upon. We are committed to being a valuable part of your home building process, and we guarantee a reliable and professional service for projects of all sizes.

Commercial Concrete Foundations

When you need a foundation contractor of the highest caliber for your commercial structure, look no further than our team. We understand the importance your foundation has: it’s the cornerstone of a strong and successful property-development project. That’s why we take every precaution to ensure ours meet the highest of industry standards. With us, you’ll have a firm foundation for the future success of your enterprise.

Experts in All Types of Concrete Foundation Construction

We are a full-service contractor, possessing the skill and expertise to help our clients with all their foundation-related needs.

We can help with:

T-Shaped Foundations

T-shaped foundations are most commonly used due to their ability to support high standing buildings even when the ground below it freezes. The unique design of this type of foundation allows resistance from the pressure created from freezing temperatures. The walls are also narrower than the footers, providing extra support for the building.

Slab-On-Grade Foundations

Slab-on-grade foundations are also widely used, but primarily for areas where the ground does not freeze. Constructed from a single slab of concrete, a slab-on-grade foundation provides a substantial amount of support for commercial and residential structures.

Frost-Protected Foundations

As the name implies, frost-protected foundations are used to protect against frost. They utilize the heat drawn from the building itself to counteract the effects of the frost by placing an insulation barrier around the foundation. This can significantly reduce your cost of excavation as it does not require to be as far below ground.

Lakeway’s Best Concrete Block Foundations

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